Zhinea Valley Golf CourseZhinea Valley Golf Course

Zhinea Valley Golf Course

Downloads SectionDownloads Section

This is the downloads section of the site. It holds all my Minecraft work including world downloads, craftscripts, or anything else I feel like sharing. This content is free to use, and include in your own work, but is not to be disributed by any means. That's it, enjoy.

Important - Read before downloading!Important - Read before downloading!

These downloads are distributed in the hopes that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Minecraft World DownloadsMinecraft World Downloads

This section contains all of the world downloads I have available for download. Note that some of them are older and may have to be updated to the anvil world format.

  • Emerald Ridge Golf Club

    Emerald Ridge Golf Club

    Coming Soon!

  • Sunken Island Adventure Map

    Sunken Island Adventure

    This started as a simple custom terrain, but has now spawned into a highly detailed, full adventure map, with objectives, story line, and ending event. The whole project was actually inspired and designed around a picture I found that someone had posted to Deviantart.

    Check out the PMC update log for a full list of map features, and changes that have been made.

    I have updated the map again to fix some annoying bugs, make some improvements, and to keep it current, here are a few of the major ones.

    Anvil Update (1.2.5)

    • New custom biomes that match up to the island, and provide mob free areas.
    • Fixed the low level fog/lighting issue by changing world type to flat.
    • Updated almost all the main loot to new enchanted items and potions.
    • Added some cave lapis luzi 'markers' to help in finding the portals.
    • Clarified some of the objective and ruin text.
  • Hillside Manor World

    Hillside Manor World 1.8

    This was my first world ever, and my first attempt at making a house that was a little more pleasing to the eye and modern. The original design I used came from the picture included, although I decided to make it a little bit bigger and more complex than I initially was planning.

    1.5 Update

    Due to many requests over the last few months, I have finally updated this world. My original plan for this becoming an adventure map never quite came to fruition since my last update. However, since then, I have still added many new things to it since it is still by far my most popular map to date. A list of some of the changes can be found below. Also, I have used an old beta 1.3 copy of the game to get a brand new clean seed version of the map's changed areas for the people that want to create there own stuff, or just see want to see what it looked like before I started building on it.

    Summary of Changes

    • A new custom village has been added with a very unique sponge farm on the side.
    • Another small village using the normal villager houses has been added.
    • Many areas have been terraformed from the original terrain to be much better.
    • New massive tree island and ravine added featuring lots of the new tree styles.
    • Many villagers and animals added in to make the world feel more alive.
    • Several areas around the beginning of the waterslide have been greatly improved.
    • Many new trees from Build Commands have been added over most areas.
    • Several updates to the Egyptian section to make it more complete.
  • Attacking Snake Build

    Attacking Snake

    I put this project together after I was playing around with the worldedit mod the other day and found a way to easily make spiraling sections. I wanted to test the design on something and couldn't think of anything special right away so I ended up just going with a partially coiled snake.

    The whole snake was created with the worldedit mod alone while the desert background was made with worldpainter, I also used MCEdit to import it and the spawn section into the world.

    Since a few people requested it, I have also changed the snake so it is now completely hollow. The tunnel goes through the entire body from the open mouth to the base ground.

    There is now a tutorial video showing how this was made, and how to create your own custom spirals!

  • Erupting Volcano Build

    Erupting Volcano

    This project is of a volcano right at the beginning of a large eruption. It is shown with streams of lava coming out all along the top and flowing down the sides.

    I used the worldpainter program to make the base island and volcano then created the remaining parts with the worldedit mod and MCEdit to align a few things easier. To get the lava to float in the air I just created it all with glowstone first then did a replace with MCEdit.

  • Waterfront Home Build

    Waterfront Home

    This is a house I built a while ago that happens to be on a raised platform in the middle of the water. Like my other project, the main(outside) design of the house is based on a random picture I found while looking thru google images, which I have included. I have been playing with a lot of different design ideas on this one including trying to use a lot of hidden lighting elements with glowstone.

    I feel like I can finally call the house finished. I ended up spending a lot more time on the inside design than I planned, adding lots of detail over the whole thing.


    • Large master bedroom
    • Two small guest rooms
    • Huge open living room area
    • Kitchen with bar
    • Dining room area
    • Private Office with large fish tank.
    • Underside Dock
    • Underwater tunnel with airlock
    • Rooftop green house and sauna
    • Maze with small hidden area
    • Pond with small streams feature
    • Lots of designs over almost all the walls, floors and ceilings

Custom Terrain Series

These are all the maps and world downloads from my custom terrain series. The majority of them were made with the worldpainter software, with a few being created soley using Build Commands, or McEdit.

  • Custom Terrain: Rainforest Valley

    Rainforest Valley

    This is another project made for my custom terrain series. This one features a large valley with lots of rainforest type trees spread all along the bottom, a large mangrove tree in the center, a huge waterfall in the corner, a massive cave system through all the surrounding mountains and lots more.

    I created the base terrain in the worldpainter program, spending most of the time trying to get the valley walls to look as realistic as possible. After the valley was all laid out I individually created around 20 different rainforest trees in another world save with the MCEdit forester script and saved each one into a schematic so I could hand place them into the valley.

  • Custom Terrain: Shattered Land

    Shattered Land

    This world was one of my early worldpainter projects for my ongoing custom terrain series. This ones main feature is a broken mass of lots of pieces of land and floating islands that spread across the entire map.

    1.2.5 Update
    -Added 8 new custom biomes including new matching terrain materials.
    -All areas have been repopulated with new trees, and other resources.
    -Fixed low level lighting problem and updated to anvil world format.

    How It Was Made
    The whole project was created with the worldpainter program and MCEdit. I actually made all of the land using the worldpainter cavern tool. I then copied that over a solid resource map I created (not copying the air), so that all the caves would be filled with normal generated materials. After, I just replaced the material the cave "mold" map was made in to air, and I had the basic land formed. Grass topsoil, along with some trees and other items were also added in to make it look better.

  • Custom Terrain: Coral Cove Treasure Hunt

    Coral Cove Treasure Hunt

    Hey all, I have another new, and completely unique map to add to my ever growing custom terrain series. This one also features a new treasure hunting element that will push your exploration skills to the edge!

    The whole objective of this map is to explore the island and find as much treasure as you can! There are 50 small ruin locations to find, each containing completely unique loot, including several sets of enchanted armor, tools, and weapons, as well as enchanting tables and other helpful rewards.

    Finding all 50 will not be an easy task though, as the island has a lot of nooks and crannies left to be explored. if you do manage to find them all, send me a pm with some sort of reasonable proof and I will add your name to a special 'perfect score' section. Good luck, and have fun!

Minecraft Game ModsMinecraft Game Mods

Minecraft internal game mods section.

  • Build Commands SE

WorldEdit CraftscriptsWorldEdit Craftscripts

This section contains all the WorldEdit craftscript I have created. They may be used on Singleplayer game mode with the SPC mod and WorldEdit, or on a Bukkit server with the WorldEdit plugin installed.

  • Build Commands - WorldEdit Toolkit
  • Terraforming Toolkit Script
  • YouTube Video Example