3D Text Generator3D Text Generator

I am happy to annouce a new web tool has been added to the site that allows you to easily create 3D text schematics useable in McEdit. Several options are available to help customize your message, inlcluding, font, font size, two blocks types and more. Below you will find a few screenshots depicting a small sample of what is possible. Check out the pictures below, or test it out here!

Build Commands UpdateBuild Commands Update

Build Commands has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.8 and Worldedit 6.x.! Along with fixing some bugs that completely broke the script I also added in a few new tools as well.

The first tool is a new shoreline brush that will make it a lot easier to clean up and fix really ugly shorelines that tend to happen when terraforming. The second tool works in almost the reverse of the shoreline tool and will attempt to make a smooth rising land transistion from the water line to the interior of land mass. The third tool is a basic block flooding brush that can help fill in lots of connected blocks of the same type. The last one added is a bump brush that was converted from a tool made by another user on the craftscripts forums. It allows you to raise and lower the terrain in a smooth fasion

Along with that I have a few additional web based tools I plan on releasing here soon that I think people will enjoy, so keep an eye out!