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Sponge Farm

Resources SectionResources Section

This is the resources section of the site. It holds tutorials and helpful info related to my scripts and mods, and basically anything Minecraft related that doesn't quite fit into the other sections. This section is a little bare right now, but I hope to have some more info added here soon.

Mod & Script GuidesMod & Script Guides

This section contains all the basic info and guides on how to use the different scripts and mods I have released on this site.

Online ToolsOnline Tools

This section contains a few basic online tools that may may be helpful, or just fun to play with.

Beginner Map Making TutorialsBeginner Map Making Tutorials

This section includes tutorials that are designed for new players to Minecraft, or just someone new to map making in general.

  • Minecraft World Basics
  • Tutorial Placeholder

Advanced Map Making TutorialsAdvanced Map Making Tutorials

This section contains tutorials that will require more than just a basic understand of how to play the game. They majority of them will feature tips and ideas that are primarily focused on map making, or general Minecraft editing tools.

  • Single Player Commands Basics
  • Build Commands Tutorial
  • Spiral Tutorial Guide
  • Advanced Furniture Ideas